MinReklame – online marketing for Retailers

Growhtunity’s first project – MinReklame ApS -  was launched in September 2001.

MinReklame focused 100 % on helping Retailers to be marketed online. The clear focus was one of the main reasons that MinReklame succeeded to become the 16th fastest growing IT company in Denmark from 2004-2007.

MinReklame ApS achieved – by dagbladet Børsen – the Gazelle Business Award three consecutive years in a row (2008, 2009 and 2010).


After a very rapid growth MinReklame ApS was sold in 2007.

MinReklame was established in September 2001 and in November 2007 sold to Søndagsavisen a-s (North Media a-s), that is listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange.

You can read more about MinReklame ApS on the website MinReklame.dk



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A GOOD SALE – for members only

The web shop AGOODSALE.dk is an exclusive private flash sale concept that was launched in Denmark in April 2010 and had a very rapid start.

AGOODSALEs mission is to offer Designers brands to execeptional good prices. Within a very short period more than 80.000 Danish customers signed up to become members at agoodsale.dk.

AGOODSALE was sold in November 2013.

You can read more about AGOODSALE on the website agoodsale.dk.


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Copenhagen Cutlery

Growthunitys latest Project – Copenhagen Cutlery – is 100% focused on selling Cutlery & Chef knives to the European customers.

Bestiksæt.dk was launched in April 2011 and has been established as the leading web shop in Denmark that is 100 % focused on selling cutlery and chef knifes.

In April 2012 Copenhagen Cutlery A/S launched the webshop besticket.se, and in October 2012 also Norway was placed on the map with the webshop bestikket.no.

In October 2011 we Established the sistercompany DieBestecke Ge GmbH that sells cutlery in Germany and Austria and prepare for the expansion to the rest of Europe.

We offer an assortment of more than 1.000 different Cutlerysets to private consumers in 6 different countries.

DieBestecke.de has one of the largest assortments of Cutlery in Europe.

The vision is that we in 2018 will be the online retailer in Europe that is Number 1 in Cutlery.

You can read more on DieBestecke.de, bestiksaet.dk, Besticket.se and Bestikket.no.



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